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JOSE DE MORA is the new brand of Sport and Equitation S.L company. It is located in Valverde del Camino (Spain) and it is a company specialized in shoe and saddlery products.

Our experience goes back to the dates earlier than1870, when there was already a tradition in shoe factory and leather work in Valverde del Camino.

 We create JOSE DE MORA with the idea of dedicating a brand to the highest quality products that are developing in women's and men's footwear.

We innovate with new lines, new designs that give rise to a unique and exclusive footwear.

JOSE MORA is an entrepreneur and a professional designer who is dedicated to creating special models and with a strong character and personality. Those luxury shoes are handcrafted in leather of exceptional quality and with a distinguished know-how.

  • High quality products

  •  The best customer service

  •  30-day return guarantee

"I consider myself as a manufacturetechnicianapart from designer. I always boast a fine team of staff with extensive experience to get turn the shoes into a work of art. My secret to make a good pair of shoes is to know how to combine crafts and technology We work hard in order to obtain the anatomy and the lines of design more perfect. This is the way we get an elegant footwear, with design and most important one, useful "





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