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Secure Payment

In general, the User may choose the payment method:

A) By credit/debit card, Through our bank's payment gateway, for which it will facilitate, among others:

  • (i) name and surnames;
  • (ii) card number;
  • (iii) CVV / CVC;
  • (iv) expiration date of the card;

You can use the following credit/debit cards: -VISA - MasterCard - Euro6000 

Once you have validated all the information about your purchase (items, shipping methods, delivery address and billing) a new page will appear so you can choose which payment method you wish to use and enter your data. In the event that the payment platform informs of the denial of the card, the order will be automatically canceled, informing the client of the cancellation online and at the moment, as we have previously commented.

The data of your card will not be saved in our database, since when they are filled out they will be in the secure web of the chosen bank entity.

The data of your card is protected at all times thanks to the secure servers of the banking entities that use SSL encryption in their communications.

B) By PayPal.

You can make the payment of your purchase through PayPal. When choosing PayPal as a means of payment, the billing address indicated above will be ignored, and the address registered in your PayPal account will be taken into account for billing issues.


  • The payment order given by the User necessarily implies adherence to these General Conditions as well as the particular conditions of the order.
  • For any form of payment chosen by the User, all payments will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to interveners or payment platforms in a secure manner (eg Visa, Mastercad, Paypal, etc.).
  • Once the payment has been made correctly, the User will receive a confirmation email that certifies the essential conditions of the transaction.
  • Products sent to the address indicated by the User.

In any case, through the website, the User will always have access to the information of their orders and their corresponding invoices for the purchases purchased.

The Provider reserves the right to cancel payments or orders in the case of indications of fraudulent operations, informing the competent authorities of the conducts that are susceptible of investigation for the prevention of fraud.

In the event that a product or service is not available after the order has been placed, the User will be informed by email or telephone of the total or partial cancellation of the order, causing the total or partial refund of the charge through the same method of payment with which the order was placed.


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